First post!

I’ve been wanting to get a blog going for while now. I’m not sure if very many people will care to read what I have to say but fortunately this blog is more for me than it is for other people. Mainly this is for me to reflect on my personal journey into the fitness world along with many of life’s sidetracks. Crossfit has been my first real effort into any formalized “training”. Although I’ve always been active,  I have never played sports in high school or college. Crossfit has provided my with what I feel like I missed out on.

Whatever activity I  have gotten into in the past, i.e. wakeboarding, surfing, parkour, I really wanted to become as good as possible at that thing. There’s just something about my personality that drives me to obsess over activities I enjoy.


The great thing about Crossfit and the time we’re living in, is the staggering amount of information on the subject. This provides someone obsessive like me the chance to really geek out on the subject and become as knowledgeable and skilled as I can stand.

My first exposure to Crossfit started while I was a freshman in college. Struggling to stay awake in a 7 am English Comp class, I was surprised to see a perky, young, fit woman take the center stage in our classroom as our professor. As someone who is used to seeing boring old men as professors this was a breath of fresh air.

She was athletic, she regularly competed in triathlons, and she and her husband were always jet setting off on fun weekends to go surfing or scuba diving. I thought, this chick is awesome and that’s what I want my marriage to be like some day. In addition to triathlons and teaching comp I, she was a coach at a weird place called a “Crossfit Box.” I googled Crossfit and found some old videos of the 2010 Crossfit Games.

Holy crap! Everyone was so jacked, and I’m talking about the women.  I couldn’t even really tell you what the competitors were doing. I saw footage of these insanely ripped men and women running half naked along a beach from the water to a long metal rig where they did push ups and pull ups at an exhausting rate. I had no idea about WODs, I didn’t know anything about the preparation required to get to this level, I just saw some really cool looking events and beautiful people glistening in the sun looking like the closest thing to Spartans since ancient times.

So these people are competing at the Crossfit Games? I WANNA DO THAT!

Like any good geek, I researched the shit outta Crossfit. Countless journal articles, hundreds of youtube videos later, I was ready to get into this. I got onto the affiliate map and low and behold there was a box just a few miles from my house right in the heart of downtown Yukon, Crossfit 66.


I called them up and even though I didn’t get an answer I was so excited to get started I went ahead and drove up to the box. As I walked in, it was like I was in the presence of celebrities. I saw people doing the things I’ve been watching on youtube. I saw women putting up this heavy weight over head, other people doing the signature butterfly pullups, I couldn’t help but stare for a moment while I geeked out over everything. Then the owner came out and introduced himself.


He was in his late 30s, average height, and appeared to carry much more muscle mass than most men. He spoke with direct focus and made a lot of eye contact. After filling out waivers, and a history of who I was and why I was looking for a gym, his wife put me through the baseline test. I didn’t really know what I was doing but I felt pretty cool to be finally trying out all the movements I’d been studying. I was hooked. I left that day ready to comeback for more.


Fast forward to 4 years later, Crossfit 66 is my home. I’ve become close friends with the owner and other members. I even met my wife there. I’ve had a lot fun and spent countless hours sweating and honing my craft in the pursuit of fitness. I’m not sure where this sport will take me, or how far I can go with it, but my goal is to push it as far as I possibly can without sacrificing my marriage. SO LETS MAKE IT TO THE GAMES!

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