Where Do You Get Your Fire?

How do you build a fire? You need  fuel, oxygen, and a spark. How do you build a fire as an athlete? You can look at fuel as your source of food, but fuel in any form is simply stored energy. In physics terms it’s potential energy. You can have all the potential in the world but without a spark, something to motivate you, the energy won’t become kinetic.

So what sparks you. What is the catalyst that can cause you to burn up all the potential energy you’ve been storing all day. For me it’s getting beat in a workout. Ya I know it’s supposed to be “me against me” and you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. Ya screw all that. I know it shouldn’t, but there’s something that burns in the pit of my stomach when I get beat. Especially when I’m rockin and rollin through movements I’m competent in, and then I check the board and find out I’m beat by a few meters, dammit! It’s one thing if you beat me at a movement I’m not competent in. But there are wods I see and I’m like, “F’n A man I am going to dominate this wod and everyone involved.” That’s rarely the case.molotov


I know this shouldn’t bother me especially because, as my site name suggests, I’m a remarkably average athlete. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe this isn’t the way to think about things. But for now, it’s how I build my fire. And if normal days in the gym throw sparks on my fire, then placing poorly in an actual competition is like throwing a Molotov cocktail in the mix. I know I’m not currently deserving of the podium, not yet, but seeing my name near the bottom of the list in the freaking scaled division is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. I really hate it. It’s a strong feeling, it’s energy. It’s potential. Let’s light the match.

Trying to squeeze every last ray of sun before winter hits

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