Gym Review, Dynasty Crossfit

With my job as an Engineer I have the great fortune to be able to travel all over the United States. When I’m traveling my favorite thing to do is drop in to local boxes and buy up all their shirts.  Normally I send a quick email letting the coach know when I’ll be in town and let them know how long I’ve been at my gym. I love getting to see all the different variety of Crossfit boxes that exist and I’ve even made some friends.

I’ve been to some really amazing boxes and met some very knowledgeable coaches and I wanted to start posting little reviews to spotlight these places. And to let people who might be in the area or visiting, know about a great place. This weeks review is Dynasty Crossfit in Gainesville Florida.

Tucked away in an industrial cul-de-sac, on the edge of a thick swamp, is my favorite Gainesville Crossfit box. The gym’s owner and head coach is Sherman Merricks. A Crossfit Regional athlete, Sherman and his wife Cristina will often coach the classes.

My favorite thing this about this gym is how big it is. The whole facility is about 5000 square feet so there’s plenty of room to get in some extra work during class time. 20160927_183329.jpg

Another thing I really like is how clean they keep this place. I’ve been here at all times of the day and the floor and equipment is always sparkling. They also ask that you wipe off your equipment with disinfectant after your wod which is something I think more gyms should do. I really appreciate their programming as well. We warm up together and spend at least 10 minutes preparing for the specific movements we’ll be doing. Today was an overhead squat ladder.


No Crossfit box is complete without an American flag and a Big Ass Fan, which I love when I’m trying to deal with super humid Florida weather.

They have even built a little log table out on the patio for an after workout coffee.


The gym backs up to a swamp, and according to some of the members, a rogue alligator or two has been known to join in on the runs. So apparently you have to keep your eyes open for dinosaurs.



They also have a killer rig made by Pure Strength. It’s not Rogue but I guess it’ll do the job. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’m a huge dork for Rogue fitness gear, but that’s a review for another day.


That’s my new friend JB about to set a PR on his overhead squat.

So if you’re in the Gainesville area be sure to check out Dynasty Crossfit.


I couldn’t come here without getting some Four Winds BBQ and a root beer of course.

I love visiting new boxes but nothing beats being home with my wife at my home gym Crossfit 66 so I’ll end this here because I’ve got a 4:30 am flight home tomorrow. Who needs sleep anyway.

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