From the Garage to the Competition Floor

Last weekend was an interesting experiment in our Crossfit career as we competed with two friends who each had only a handful of Crossfit classes under their belt.

Battle at the Ballpark is a well run 4 person coed Crossfit Competition in Tulsa, OK. It was at a baseball stadium in the heart of the city with events that took place in the adjacent parking lots and on the actual ball field as well. That way I get to pretend to be a real athlete.

Our Team consisted of my sister Elise, her friend Morgan, and my wife Shelby and I. Shelby and I together have about 7 Crossfit competitions under our belts. While Elise and Morgan have only stepped foot in a Crossfit gym a handful of times they got the bug to compete after spectating at our last competition. 20161001_093326.jpg

With only 3 months leading up to the competition, my wife and I used what little knowledge and experience we had to bring our teammates up to speed. Shelby and I attend Crossfit 66 but due to the expense and time restraints, Elise and Morgan aren’t able to attend a Crossfit gym just yet. Knowing this we trained with them 2-3 times a week in our garage. I barely know how to program for myself so It’s been a challenge to program and coach other people.

I told them both that I don’t care how we place at the event, although I’d rather not place last, but I do care that they train as hard and consistently as possible leading up to  it. And when the day comes we’ll take what skills we’ve developed and compete to the best of our ability.






Everyone surpassed my expectations. We had practiced a few of the events that were released early and we all set new PR’s on the big day. Wod 1 was a 4×400 relay followed immediately by a max dead-lift for the girls and a max squat clean for the guys. Everyone on my team either hit their old max or set a new PR so that was encouraging.

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It’s always weird to lift after a run


Later that night Wod 2 was:

27 burpees and 60 meter light sled drag for person 1

21 burpees, 60 meter slightly heavier sled for person 2

15 burpees, 60 meter, slightly still heavier sled, person 3

and 9 burpees, 60 meter, heaviest sled, person 4

There’s nothing like competing alongside other people




I loved seeing the sleds spark down the street


Wod 3










Wifey getting after it
100 Double Unders after 25 Toes to Bar

This is where things got fun. My sister, bless her heart just doesn’t have pullups yet so guess who got to do all 50. This has for sure put learning butterfly pullups high on my to do list

Our last Wod for weekend was: 25 toes to bar, 100 double unders, and two rounds of DT with a fat bar. As you cycled people through each round, the toes to bar and double unders decreased in number and the weight on the bar got heavier.


Fat Bars Make it Spicy


Shelby Making Quick Work of DT

At the end of the weekend we placed 86/90 in the scaled division. Not to shabby for an average Crossfit athlete, an actual athlete and a couple of newbies. Everyone on my team performed exceptionally well and I would gladly compete with them again. We all had a lot of fun at this event. I appreciated the way the judges worked with us, minus some no reps here and there. It was a cool experience to compete at the ballpark and run up and down the bleachers. Crossfit T-Town put on a fantastic competition and we can’t wait to go back next year!

My favorite memories from the weekend were just hanging out with these guys

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