Gym Review, Crossfit Verve

I will keep this review short because we happened to drop in here on our anniversary. My wife is amazing enough that she enjoys going to a box on our anniversary weekend, but I didn’t want to push it by spending a lot of time taking pictures. There were of course, more important romantic events on the calendar.


Crossfit Verve is located in the heart of downtown Denver, CO and in close proximity to several breweries with amazing food. This is a feature I’m finding to be increasingly vital. Verve was owned by Matt and Cherie Chan before they sold it to Eric Clancy and Courtney Shepherd. Eric and Courtney, as well as the rest of the trainers hold a paragraph’s worth of certs from Crossfit and outside organizations.

Right away we were greeted by the friendly smile and “hello” of a short woman behind the main desk. Contrary to my normal practice I had forgot to send a courtesy email ahead of time to let them know we were coming.This was a non-issue as Verve has plenty of room and more than accommodating staff.

My wife and I filled out waivers, and as is always a huge plus for me, they agreed to sell us T-shirts in exchange for our drop in fee.

Paul Buono was our coach. A short stout guy who seemed well practiced at coaching and had great command of the room. He appeared very Matt Chan-like as I’m assuming he worked with him before they sold the gym, although I could be wrong.

The WOD:  We spent about 30 min on a group warmup, which included practice of all scaling options. The actual metcon was, 4 rounds: 15 Toes to Bar, 5 muscle ups, 400 meter run . This was definitely a lung burner for two Oklahoman’s in the mile high city.

Afterwords we were able to take advantage of a rare commodity in Crossfit boxes, a shower! The men’s and ladies locker room had 4 curtained showers each. We really enjoyed our time at Crossfit Verve. My favorite feature was how spacious the box is and how it was more than adequately equipped. I will definitely make a point to stop in again next time we’re in Denver.


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