Where the hell are you going?

That’s the question my wife ask’s me most, only she words it nicely. I have a tendency to be absent minded when I drive and I’ll often miss turns and she’ll have to remind me where we’re going. I’m just easily distracted and I get to thinking about a lot of things at once and I can lose focus on my destination.

The same is very true for my Crossfit journey. I refer to it as a journey because I’m really just meandering around trying to figure out where to go. I set out all gung-ho, full of piss and vinegar but I often don’t really know where to point my compass needle. I have a destination in my mind but no clear map to get there.


Having a Training Partner Always Helps

That would be my main question to the interwebs. How do you decide what to do on any given training day? Personally I’m great at mindlessly following a plan. Give me a smolov cycle and I’ll work harder than ever for 16 weeks. That’s why Crossfit is so appealing to me. I don’t have to do anything other than show up at the gym and our workout is ready for me. Not much thinking involved, just finish the task at hand.

So is that all I need to do? I know I will progress in a lot of ways just by showing up and completing the semi random workouts on the board. As great as our coach is, he’s got more than me and my silly needs to worry about. Maybe I’m wrong but I’ve got something in me pushing me to do more outside of class time. I know more isn’t always better, but perhaps this time it is.

So I’ve got two main questions I need help with.

Given some free time, how do you decide what to work on?

If your destination is competing in Crossfit, whats the best route to get there?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and reply.



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  1. savagefitness says:

    Hi Richard,

    If you’re serious about being a competitive CrossFit athlete than you will need to start by asking yourself a few tough questions. First how good are you really? How far behind are you compared to your competition? Years, months…etc? What are your weaknesses? You should always start there first when deciding what to work on. Are you willing to, or in a position to devote hours a day to training, eating, and recovering, because your competition certainly is. If you’d like some programming to follow Ben Bergeron’s “Competitor’s Training” is hard to beat. The man literally builds CrossFit champions. Finally, are you ready to devote your life to constant pain, sacrifice, and discomfort to achieve this goal, no matter what? If you can’t quickly and without hesitation answer yes to this then competition may not be your wisest choice. If you want to test yourself go to CrossFit HQ’s main-site and follow their programming for 4 weeks. If you can’t complete 95% of those workouts at RX with decent times then you need to spend some time working on strength and conditioning before you think about competing.

    Love your blog man, keep working on your goals!


    1. Those really are some tough questions. But that is some good direction. Thanks


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