Journey Series, Update Butterfly Pullups

Time to check in! It’s been slow going but I’m making progress. This week I discovered a tip that I would recommend for any movement. Video yourself! I know it’s simple but if you’re trying to improve in anything you have to know 2 things; what you are doing and what you should be doing.

When it comes to Crossfit movements there is more than one way to skin a cat, my favorite expression. However if you’re working on something I would encourage you to seek out videos of someone who is proficient at the movement you’re working on and try to take best practices from them. Take into consideration there body type as well. Chinese olympic lifters are built very different than American lifters and that’s evident in their form.

The first video I recommend watching for butterfly pull-ups is this one with Chris Spealler of Crossfit Park City.

Spealler Coaches Link

Spealler really drives home the points of timing during the pullup and keeping your elbows down at the top.

Another great resource for a lot of movements is Jessica Estrada out of Crossfit Jääkarhu. In her video below she covers a lot of the same things Spealler covers, she also  re-emphasizes the importance of keeping your body tight throughout the movement.

Jessica Estrada

Above is an example of what the movement should look like, below is what it looks like when I do it.

My attempts at butterfly pullups

After watching video of myself I see how much power I’m loosing by not maintaining that tight hollow body position. The power seems to be generated by the transition of the “hollow” body flexion position followed by the extension position. I also need to finish with my chest closer to the bar.

Next week: I’m finding it important to spend equal time practicing the movement and doing strict pull-ups. So my plan is to alternate strength/ skill days. My hands are still my biggest limiting factor in how often I can work on these. I’m considering getting some better gymnastic grips.


Classic Leather gymnastic Grips

These have been the old die-hard but I’ve also seen some cool looking grips from Bear Komplex

Bear Kompex link

There’s still work to be done but we’re getting somewhere. If anyone has any tips they’d like to offer I’m all ears. I’d also like to hear of any wins or new personal records you might have gotten this week. I love hearing about people success.

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  1. I like the concept of those Bear Complex grips. They look like Jerkfit grips. Or the jerkfit look like the Bear complex- either way. I use the other gymnastic grips you pictured but they rub horribly. Really want to try the other kind but need feedback before I drop 40 pieces of gold on those bad boys


    1. Right! they’re a little pricey. I’m also looking at the natural grips all they athletes are pushing


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