Who likes to Meal Prep?

So you’re rockin and rollin, kickin ass in and out of the gym and enjoying your active lifestyle. That is fantastic, and I’m proud of you! The other side of the coin would be your nutrition.

How are you fueling your efforts? Do you ever have trouble deciding what to eat and how much? Well we have something big in the works! I’m putting together a meal plan service that will help people with something they get asked everyday, What’s for dinner?

My wife and are are big time meal preppers, and in doing so, we’ve managed to easily control our diet and save a ton of money. We’d like to share some of our tricks and tips with you. We will have a range of services, all the way to holding your hand every step of the way as you build a healthy diet. As I’m putting this all together, I want to ask you guys what services you value.

I have attached a 5 question survey for anyone who would like to provide input. Please feel free to add comments. I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to add input.

Meal Plan Survey

One Comment Add yours

  1. Good luck on your new project!


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