Confessions: We went to a Globo Gym

Ya I know, we committed the cardinal sin as Crossfitters and went to a “normal” globo gym. I wont say which one it was but lets say a similar name would be “Silver’s Gymnasium”. Upon entering the doors we were greeted by the nice lady behind the desk and then we moved into the cavernous main building to find a sea of strange machines and cardio equipment .

What should we do? There’s no whiteboard, no coach, and Oh my God! I can’t find any chalk anywhere! Why is there only one squat rack in the entire 50,000 sq feet building?

Luckily we had a game plan. After we put our stuff away in these convenient locker rooms, we quickly got to work, being careful not to perform any kipping pull-ups  lest we be ostracized.

We finished our workout and before we left we discovered they had a hot tub! Bonus! Well we couldn’t pass that up, and when we were done with that, they have showers!

I’ll be the first to recommend Crossfit as a fitness methodology and lifestyle to anyone who will give me 3 minutes of their time. However, I sure didn’t hate all the amenities we made use of tonight.

Part of the charm of a Crossfit “box” lies in it’s name, a box. 4 walls and roof with minimal equipment. Nothing fancy, no juice bars, no hot towels in the sauna, just hard work. But once in a while its nice to shake things up and train in a new place and splurge on a post wod smoothie.

I hate to admit it but we really enjoyed our journey across enemy lines. Everything was sparkling clean and quiet for the most part. My only gripe with the whole experience was we didn’t talk to anyone. We were there for an hour and a half and with the exception of a few nods and smiles, we really didn’t interact with anyone.

Drop in on any Crossfit box and you’ll be introduced to the whole class. I know it’s easier with a smaller group of people but if normal gyms could find a way to better interact with their clients I feel like their retention would be better. But that’s my average crossfitter opinion.

Can I get a Hot tub!

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  1. I have been to these good looking gyms all my life and I know what you talking about….. and then I discovered Crossfit and realised what I was missing all these years.


    1. Yep. I really like all the shiney equipment and tv’s but I think I’d trade it all for the comradery in a Crossfit box


  2. Awesome! Love hearing someone else talk about the contrast. I work at Gold’s and train in both places. I think our Gold’s is a little unique cause it’s an older gym- has a much more gritty garage feel in the weight room. We call it “the dungeon”. 3 squat racks and a beautiful platform with bumper plates ( i pushed for that pretty hard a few years ago). So i’m comfortable doing Crossfit-esque workouts..but it is funny how easily people know i’m doing Crossfit. But that just makes me proud when they point it out, and then i get to give the spiel about CF ❤


    1. It’s definitely a contrast. When I first went to a CrossFit, it was foreign to me, and now that’s how I feel going to Golds. But I don’t hate all the cool extras they have

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