All I want for Christmas is a new PR

This has been a successful week at the gym! This week our coach has decided to give us a chance to max out on some lifts. Since I’ve been focusing on getting stronger I was excited to see what if any progress I’ve made.

Monday: Squats

Squats have been my goat since the beginning. I’ve made progress but I’ve had to fight for every lb. Since this is easily the most taxing lift for me I wanted to test it on Monday.


Results: I had a 20lb PR landing me at 295lbs, just shy of 300lb which I failed at. My wife also had an exciting PR landing her at 200lbs!

Tuesday: Deadlift


This is probably my favorite lift and it shows. Our coach recommends your deadlift be 125% of your back squat. By that account I should be squatting over 320lb which was 45lbs more than I could before this week.

Results: I was able to get at 15lb PR landing me at 415! The main reason I was so stoked for this is I didn’t spend nearly as much time on my deadlift at my squat. So I’m pleased that I was able to not only maintain my numbers but improve them! My lovely wife was also able to get a PR of 255lbs, which is 20lb better than her last attempt just 3 months ago!

Thursday: Shoulder Press

I went out a little overzealous on this one. I hit my old PR of 155 and thought, “hey that was quite a struggle, lets add 10lbs and try for 165.” Well that ended up being to high of a jump. After a few more fails at that weight I was too spent to hit 160 and I called it a night.

shoulder press.png



Friday: Front Squat

I got a nice little PR on this lift. I went from 235 to 265. On my first attempt, I set up, gathered my strength, and lowered the bar and my belt promptly shot off my body. This probably shouldn’t have affected the lift too tremendously but it did cause me to need a second attempt. A few moments later and a better belt we rolling.




It always feels to good to hit a PR, especially when you are working towards it. There have been times when we had a max out day and I knew I hadn’t put in the work and it always leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. As the great Henry Rollins says “the iron will always kick you the real deal.”

The same is true in life. I hate when I’m tested on something I haven’t worked hard on, or given much thought too. But when I’m up everyday, working hard towards a goal, nothing is sweeter than seeing progress and the fruits of my labor.

Have you had any success in or out of the gym lately? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Kensei says:

    Great job on the PRs! I am sad that I missed the opportunity to retest my back squat, deadlift and overhead press the other day at my box, BUT since I am still finding my 1RM, every day I do something it feels like a PR!


    1. Thank you. When you do find your PR’s I’d love to hear about them


  2. Missy says:

    That is a good tip on deadlifts should be right about 125% of back squat.
    My advice for whatever it is worth is to sometimes not focus on a number but trust in the programming strength. I have done that this past year as I recovered from knee surgery. Our box went through various strength cycles and I pR’s most of my lifts which is amazing all things considered. train hard and PR’s will come.

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  3. You’re absolutely right about trusting the programming. I like finding PR’s to test for progress and we often base our programming on any given day on our PR’s.


  4. Congratulations on your records. I am envious of your wifes ability and her record. This older woman is finding the challenges interesting. My back squat and front squats are around 55kgs but my overhead flexibility is not good so I am struggling but healthwise I have never been better I would encourage women of all ages to try crossfit.


    1. Thank you. Ya I’m all for women getting as strong as possible

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