Road to KO in the OK, Competition Prep

As I write this we have just 7 days until the competition. There’s a sort of nervous, excited energy among our team as we do our best to prepare for the big weekend. Personally I feel great and ready to go. My wife and I had to fight off a stomach bug over the Christmas weekend but we’re getting back to 100%.

They released all 3 of the first day’s events and so far I’m pleased with what they want us to do.

Wod 1

Wod 1 will just be a grinder. It’s light weight for us in the scaled division so we should be able to move fairly fast. This workout is broken up into 3 min parts and you will share the work with 3 people for each section. For us this means that whenever it’s your turn it’s time to really move. Everyone should have about 1-2 min of rest while their partners are working, and at 12 min total everyone needs to be sprinting when it’s their turn.

Wod 2

A max load after an Airdyne is utterly evil to imagine. We practiced this workout and for us, 12 calories should take less than 20 seconds and doesn’t exhaust us too badly. My main strategy for this workout is to have a solid number in my head for the hang snatch, as that will be the limiting factor.

Wod 3

This is the most exciting wod so far. I love rope climbs and I am decent at double unders. Our strategy here is to divide up the work according to our teams strengths. For us our guys will do all 12 rope climbs. Some of our women could handle them, but our guys are so much faster that it makes sense to let them do them all. We’ll let the women do a greater portion of the wall balls because the men will be doing most of the toes 2 bar.

Kettle bell swings will also go to our girls mostly and I still need to see how our team mates do with their double unders. On a good day I can string about 80 double unders together in a row easily so it will just come down to how tired I am at that point.

Other than that we plan to just follow our coach’s normal programming and do our best to stay well rested and hydrated. We can’t become much better athletes in a week but we could certainly hurt ourselves trying to prepare too hard. I’ll probably keep up my normal volume until 2 days before the competition. I used to stop working out entirely the 2 days before but I found that it’s much better to still move around and do something even the night before.

In my next post I’ll talk about what we pack for the trip, hint pack all the things!

Do you have any experience preparing for a Crossfit comp or something similar? I’d love to hear about it and any tips you might have.

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  1. Best of luck amraps are exhausting but a great way to see how we all improve.

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    1. Thanks. Luckily we can share the work between 6 people so that numbs the sting a little


  2. Missy says:

    Not that I am a seasoned competitor but.. my advice is.. if you haven’t yet, definitely do a run through of the workouts with your team. It can be surprising as to what ends up being challenging that isn’t expected (as well as vice versa. Sometimes you get through things easier than expected). That gives you time to tweak anything if needed.
    Also just make sure whatever your game plan is, that you stick to it as a team! You can build in a contingency plan of course. Like if the men are expecting to do the majority of the T2B, you may want to warn the women they may need to jump in for smaller sets to give the men some time to rest.
    Above anything else, just go and have fun!! Is this your first competition? Go in with confidence and look at it as an experience. You’ll be pumped and so gratified after it’s over!

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    1. Thanks Missy. We’ve done a handful or so of competitions but I’m always looking to learn and hear what other people do to succeed.


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