I’m meant to fly

How cool are muscle ups! Way back when, coach Glassman borrowed an embarrassingly beginner movement from gymnastics and it became an iconic modality for Crossfit. A status symbol for strength, coordination, and skill. As far as I’m concerned if you’ve got muscle ups you’re one of the cool kids .

There are few movements in Crossfit that look as aesthetically pleasing as a well executed ring muscle up. For one reason or another I’ve had that movement on the back burner for a while now. With the open looming ahead, it’s time to focus.

I’m going to share my journey to become proficient at ring muscle ups. What does proficient mean to me? It means that I can rep out 10 muscle ups when I’m fresh or be able to perform them in a wod when I’m fatigued.

If you’re interested in gaining sweet muscle up skills then be sure to subscribe. I’ll share the drills and resources I’m using to progress the movement. You can follow along the path of someone who has done barely a handful of muscle ups to someone who can do them in any wod.


If you’re one of the cool kids and can rep out muscle ups like a champ, then I’d love to hear from you. Tell me about your process, how did you progress to where you are today. Were you born awesome or did you have to work on it?


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  1. I’m with you – if you can do an MU, you’re a cool kid. My bf is currently working to get his so I’m gonna pass this along so he can follow your journey.


    1. Sweet, ya have him subscribe. I will do a weekly post with homework.

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  2. Nick Palomo says:

    Great post Richard. I can’t rep out ring muscle ups but I was able to get the bar muscle ups in time for the open workout last year. I’ve only been able to do one rep on the rings so I’m not much help. Good luck!


    1. Thanks nick. It’s going to be a journey. Hopefully my perspective can help other people get proficient on the rings


  3. Kensei says:

    I fail at the key part of a muscle up – being able to pull my bodyweight above the bar or ring as well as push my bodyweight up! It sucks being a woman AND on the slightly plumper side. So my intermediate goal to get there is to get proper pushups (rather than those gimpy, ‘sagging back’ pushups) – that’s all I really need in terms of bodyweight challenges for the (Scaled) Crossfit Open 🙂

    Good luck on the MU progression, you have time, you can do it!

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  4. Thanks. Ya I’m working on progressions to for the pull and the ring dip. Good luck in the open


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