Post Open Thoughts/ Moving On

Well hello ladies and gentlemen, as you may have noticed it’s been a while since I’ve written anything and I’m excited to get back to it. So how was everyone’s open experience? Are you more fit this year, did you get any PR’s? Do you hate Dave Castro and his Handstand Push up standards, I wanna hear about it.

For me the open is always an emotional and physical roller coaster. I don’t even think about it throughout the year while secretly hoping I’ve improved. Then a workout is announced, we watch the real athletes make it look effortless and we make our attempts  while realizing we’re not nearly as fit. It’s a fun, Friday night lights, competitive environment with no consequences except your own pride.

I enjoy dishing out a fair bit of shit talking to my friends while I constantly refresh the leader board. By the way, if you are one of the people who wait to submit your score on Monday night, 5 secs before the cutoff, I hope you get chalk in your eye.

The Workouts

Found here



After all is said and done I did 150 Dumbell snatches and 75 burpee box jumps in 19:48. And yes I could barely walk and stand erect afterwords.



Bar muscle ups= cool, dumbbell lunges= not cool. I enjoyed this one, but as I keep saying my lunges need work.



Finally some heavy weight! And by heavy I mean, 135lbs. This was probably my favorite workout of the open, and the only one I would have repeated.



Well 55 Deadlifts at 225 is enough to get your motor running. I actually improved by a few reps this year!



Thrusters! We all knew they were coming, and yet I secretly hoped they wouldn’t. Funny thing is this was my best finish of the open. I had been hammering thrusters all year and I guess it paid off.

After 5 weeks I finished at a cool 3973 in my region, which is an improvement from 4681 last year. Half way through the open a though crept into my head, “what If I actually focused on the open all year instead of the month leading up to it.” Well I don’t know “what if” but I’m going to find out. I’ve never bothered with having a “season”  or trying to “peak” for a specific event before.

So I’m setting my sites on regionals. It’s a far reaching goal, it might not happen in 18, or 19, or 20 but even if I fall short so what? It’s not like my paycheck is dependent on my placing, and I’m going to be in the gym anyway. I really love having a purpose in mind whenever I do most things, so having a clear focus such as regionals will make getting up for am/noon/pm sessions easier to stomach.

I’m at a point in my life where there’s no reason I can’t make grate strides in my fitness. I have some time, I have the spaces to train, and most of all, a supportive wife. I plan to dive headfirst into this put it in God’s hands and see how high I can climb. Here’s to the 2018 Season, #whynotme

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  1. Good luck to you in reaching your goals!! I will keep following your progress.

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    1. Thanks. It’s going to be a long road but I’m excited

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