Confessions: We went to a Globo Gym

we committed the cardinal sin as Crossfitters and went to a “normal” globo gym

Weekly Reading, Marcus Aurelius

basically the Roman Emperor’s diary, written throughout the different stages in his life. Like an introspective blog post just for himself

Grownup Christmas List

The season is upon us. The air is cold, everywhere you go, you’re bound to smell Christmas Trees and cinnamon. It’s times like this when we should all sit down and ponder the important, meaningful questions in life, like what should I buy for that cute girl in my CrossFit class?

What are you striving for?

This weekend I was challenged to re-assess were I have been putting the lion-share of my time and effort.┬áMy wife and I visited Lifeline Church this weekend and the preacher spoke on what it means to be a Christian. The basic message was that, yes it’s important to receive salvation, but once you do doesn’t…

Who likes to Meal Prep?

So you’re rockin and rollin, kickin ass in and out of the gym and enjoying your active lifestyle. That is fantastic, and I’m proud of you! The other side of the coin would be your nutrition. How are you fueling your efforts? Do you ever have trouble deciding what to eat and how much? Well…

What’s for dinner, Bacon Cesar Salad

We love a good Cesar salad, but sometimes we want a little more. So what did we do, we added bacon! And just like that it went from an appetizer to the main dish. This just happens to be a low carb, paleo dish, if you’re into that. Calories: 400 Protein 12 g Carbs 5…

What’s for Dinner? Chili!

Not just any Chili, Chocolate-Cherry-Chipotle Chili. This is hands down our favorite Chili recipe, maybe our favorite meal that we make. I’m a huge fan of Chili and with fall weather ever slowly creeping in, this is a great time of year to make it. As much as I’d love to take credit for this…