Crossfit, Bringing Friends Together

If it weren’t for this crazy sport we probably wouldn’t have ever met but now we have a good friend and willing teammate. There’s something about mutual suffering during a brutal workout that can bond people together.

By the Power OF GreySkull!

As we drag ourselves to the gym each day, hopefully our main goal is to improve. One of the ways we measure improvement is Power Output.

Diet Plan nailed down

My wife and I had been in search of a way to dial in our nutrition and we have now settled on a plan. After talking with the owner of our gym and another couple who had some impressive success, we are now going to use Christmas Abbott’s book “The Badass Body Diet.” Christmas borrows…

Post Comp/ Why Would You Do This

If you’ve been following me, you know that last weekend we all competed at KO in the OK which is a Crossfit Competition held in Tulsa, OK. We had a wild weekend full of ups, downs, and a whole bushel of fitness.

Oh! I can destroy that guy!

Question of the day. When you walk into your Crossfit Box and check out the board to see what your workout will be, what is your strategy for completing the task at hand? Do you see a mountain of impossible tasks and decide “I’ll just do me best to get through this one step at a…

From the Garage to the Competition Floor

Last weekend was an interesting experiment in our Crossfit career as we competed with two friends who each had only a handful of Crossfit classes under their belt. Battle at the Ballpark is a well run 4 person coed Crossfit Competition in Tulsa, OK. It was at a baseball stadium in the heart of the city with…

Where Do You Get Your Fire?

How do you build a fire? You need  fuel, oxygen, and a spark. How do you build a fire as an athlete? You can look at fuel as your source of food, but fuel in any form is simply stored energy. In physics terms it’s potential energy. You can have all the potential in the…