Crossfit, Bringing Friends Together

If it weren’t for this crazy sport we probably wouldn’t have ever met but now we have a good friend and willing teammate. There’s something about mutual suffering during a brutal workout that can bond people together.

By the Power OF GreySkull!

As we drag ourselves to the gym each day, hopefully our main goal is to improve. One of the ways we measure improvement is Power Output.

Post Open Thoughts/ Moving On

Well hello ladies and gentlemen, as you may have noticed it’s been a while since I’ve written anything and I’m excited to get back to it. So how was everyone’s open experience? Are you more fit this year, did you get any PR’s? Do you hate Dave Castro and his Handstand Push up standards, I…

I’m meant to fly

How cool are muscle ups! Way back when, coach Glassman borrowed an embarrassingly beginner movement from gymnastics and it became an iconic modality for Crossfit. A status symbol for both strength and coordination, as far as I’m concerned if you’ve got muscle ups you’re one of the cool kids .

Post Comp/ Why Would You Do This

If you’ve been following me, you know that last weekend we all competed at KO in the OK which is a Crossfit Competition held in Tulsa, OK. We had a wild weekend full of ups, downs, and a whole bushel of fitness.

Road to KO in the OK, Competition Prep

As I right this we have just 7 days until the competition. There’s a sort of nervous, excited energy among our team as we do our best to prepare for the big weekend

Grownup Christmas List

The season is upon us. The air is cold, everywhere you go, you’re bound to smell Christmas Trees and cinnamon. It’s times like this when we should all sit down and ponder the important, meaningful questions in life, like what should I buy for that cute girl in my CrossFit class?

What are you striving for?

This weekend I was challenged to re-assess were I have been putting the lion-share of my time and effort. My wife and I visited Lifeline Church this weekend and the preacher spoke on what it means to be a Christian. The basic message was that, yes it’s important to receive salvation, but once you do doesn’t…

Journey Series, Update Butterfly Pullups

Time to check in! It’s been slow going but I’m making progress. This week I discovered a tip that I would recommend for any movement. Video yourself! I know it’s simple but if you’re trying to improve in anything you have to know 2 things; what you are doing and what you should be doing. When…