I’m meant to fly

How cool are muscle ups! Way back when, coach Glassman borrowed an embarrassingly beginner movement from gymnastics and it became an iconic modality for Crossfit. A status symbol for both strength and coordination, as far as I’m concerned if you’ve got muscle ups you’re one of the cool kids .

Road to KO in the OK, Competition Prep

As I right this we have just 7 days until the competition. There’s a sort of nervous, excited energy among our team as we do our best to prepare for the big weekend

Journey Series, Update Butterfly Pullups

Time to check in! It’s been slow going but I’m making progress. This week I discovered a tip that I would recommend for any movement. Video yourself! I know it’s simple but if you’re trying to improve in anything you have to know 2¬†things; what you are doing and what you should be doing. When…

Oh! I can destroy that guy!

Question of the day. When you walk into your Crossfit Box and check out the board to see what your workout will be, what is your strategy for completing the task at hand? Do you see a mountain of impossible tasks and decide “I’ll just do me best to get¬†through this one step at a…