Crossfit, Bringing Friends Together

As much as I love competing in events, I love competing on a team with my friends even more. So when we heard about the Free For All Throw-down we signed up right away even before we had a full team.

We had a name though, Team Peanut Butter and Jelly Legs!

Event Video

It was a given that my wife and Friend Nate would be on the team, so we only lacked another girl. Well it just so happened that all the women from our gym were either competing in a lifting event that weekend, or out of town.

Having already paid for the event we didn’t want to withdraw so I got on the social medias and put the word out that we were in need someone for our team. Within minutes I was contacted by a woman out of the little town in McAlester Oklahoma, where I didn’t even know there was a Crossfit Box.

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After a quick perusal of her Instagram, to asses her level of fitness of course, we welcomed her to the team. Cut to competition day, we met Jenn in person for the first time. Right away we all meshed as a team very well.

You never know how you’ll interact with someone in a high pressure situation but we all spoke the same language of functional fitness so it was like we were all old friends.

The Event

The Freeforall Throwdown took place in the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City, a huge plus for us since it was local.


800 meter run followed by 21-15-9 Partner deadlifts at 245lbs. Partner deadlifts are always kinda weird but once you get into a rhythm you can get move quickly.


Thruster Ladder: Reps of 10-8-6-4-2 weight: 95/65-115/75-135/85-155/95-175/105.

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Why does it always have to be Thrusters! Actually my thrusters are starting to feel less like a weakness and more of a strength. After sucking it up for 2016 Open, I told myself that I would do thrusters at least once every week.

The team as a whole did fantastic on this event.

Event Video


4 3min amraps, you choose who does what.

1st 3 min-Row for calories. Being the tallest I volunteered for this movement

2nd 3 min-Burpee box overs. A grueling movement for 3 minutes so naturally my wife choose to do this one and she killed it.

3rd 3 min-Wallballs. Jenn took point on this one, and she busted out a giant first set of at least 40 wallballs in a row.

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4th 3 min-knees to elbows. First of all, Nate did fantastic on this movement, but can we all come together and agree that if you are competing in Crossfit, you should be able to perform Toes to Bar. And Knees to Elbows are not a scale for toes to bar.

My Youtube Channel

After 3 events we were in 14th place. Not enough to make it to the final event, but I guess we have to earn our right to get there. 14th/32 is slightly better than average, so maybe I should change the name of this blog to “Slightly better than Average Crossfiter.”

Most importantly we made a new friend. If it weren’t for this crazy sport we probably wouldn’t have ever met but now we have a good friend and willing teammate. There’s something about mutual suffering during a brutal workout that can bond people together.

If you’d like to see more, be sure to head over to my YouTube Channel and watch us in action!

So have you met anyone cool through Crossfit? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. What an intense competition! I love how CrossFit competitions really do bring teammates and the whole community together. Great recap.

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    1. It was one of our favorites so far

      Liked by 1 person

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