Road to KO in the OK, Competition Prep

So how do you prepare for a competition in which you don’t know the event’s before hand? I have no idea, but I’m trying to figure that out. Follow along with us as we prepare for the KO in the OK, one of Oklahoma’s bigger CrossFit competitions.

KO in the OK is a coed 6 person, 2 day event in Tulsa Oklahoma that takes place in January. We competed last year and I think overall it was a well run event. The workouts were fun and we really enjoyed the venue, which was a very nice high school arena. The judging was fair, and what you would expect from volunteer judges.



My personal strategy is to gradually increase my training volume leading up to the competition. We can expect 6 workouts over 2 days, which is more volume than most people get in a week. Since this is a team event, I don’t expect to get as beat up than if it was a individual competition, but being able to handle the extra volume always helps.

Follow along with us as I tell you what we’re doing to prepare for the unknown and the unknowable. As of right now we have 46 days so let’s get to it!

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  1. I’m so excited for this! Glad i caught it from the very beginning. Will be interesting to see an insider perspective of competition training :)) I don’t follow Crossfit much so this will be all new & all learning lessons lol –jess

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    1. be sure to subscribe for email updates.

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